I finally got around to sending some cute mail a while back (I’m already due for another round…). I hope it’s okay if I post these!

Another older print! I couldn’t help drawing Fionna as Howl after babby Flame Prince appeared in the comics.

Forgot to post a few more Twitter collabs! Nai-Nai for gelatobear’s Katamari collab and Pippin for Middle Earth High~

KLK print I whipped up for a con and forgot to post! I should probably finish watching the show, huh…

My hand slipped at bubble tea and I ended up with some really self-indulgent Maka doodles (and a thumbnail for my Comix Warriors comic).

Maka Albarn more like Maka AwDAMN, hashtag swag, hashtag ladies linin up on the steps


This week I decided to draw mine and my bb Hachi's magical girl characters for the first time in ages! (Without so much as a sketch first, so… OTL) Talking to other familiars can come with some difficulties.

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I drew this a while ago to test out some new marker paper! (And because I can’t help but be reminded of HS by this song sometimes…) It didn’t scan very well, probably thanks to the fact that I inked it in glitter gel pen, whoops.

Happy belated birthday, kid.

やっぱりSoul Eater Not!アニメも可愛過ぎ! Can’t wait for more~

If I thought anybody besides me would want it I’d print this onto some pillows….

Oh yeah - I totally drew a comic! It’s the first in a three-part original Eerie PD story that we busted out to bring to cons: Curiosity! You don’t have to be caught up on Eerie PD to read it, although maybe once you finish reading it you’ll want to see more of the gang’s adventures~

You can buy it on Gumroad for as low as a dollar!

so long, my friend and adversary -
oh but I’ll wait for you

I’ve always wanted to draw these beebs jamming out to this song! Happy birthday to a very important comic. <3